COVID Workplace Design - Case Study

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Trudi Lloyd-Jones

“I work closely with both the Design and Capital Project teams to create inspiring layouts for larger requirements ensuring the brief is met whilst adhering to the latest best practice guidelines. I draw on my interior design experience to develop schemes and add value to our projects.”

COVID Workplace Design - Case Study

June 25, 2020

We were recently commissioned by a large public sector client to modify their existing furniture layouts in line with the Government guidelines. We worked closely with the client, helping them prepare seventeen buildings for a safe return to work.

Our Design Team worked on reducing the density of the work environment and introduced clear delineated spaces that adhere to social distancing. Seating positions that failed to adhere to the 2-meter rule were removed from the space plan, allowing us to calculate the proposed occupancy of their now COVID Compliant workplace.

In addition to the modified space plan, our Designers identified where social distancing signage would be required throughout each building. The signage demonstrates which workstations are in use, recommends maximum room capacities to allow safe distancing while collaborating and reminds employees to maintain 2 meters in high traffic areas and circulation routes. Our wide variety of signage allowed us to tailor our ideas to each individual building and install onto a multitude of surfaces including floors, walls and building exteriors.

Our Project Managers, Designers and Signage Partners worked together to create a bespoke signage proposal for each building entrance. These included Perspex screens, sanitising stations, barriers and entry/exit signage, to safely direct employees in and out of the building.

A desk clearance prior to a deep clean across all the buildings was coordinated by our Operational Team. They have also been on hand to supervise our signage partners who have manufactured and installed all the signage. This large project required our experienced Project Managers to work closely with our Design Team, the Client and Facilities Managers across the estate, as well as our supply chain and colleagues within our business.

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