Join our Green Journey. We continually assess our environmental programs and monitor our environmental performance.

Our Goals

  • Promotion of Sustainable Design.
  • To reduce landfill through sustainable re-purposing of furniture.
  • To support local our communities and charities by donating unwanted furniture.
  • To increase our Industry importance of reuse, rework and recycling.
  • To lower impact to Zero Waste.

Closing the Loop - Sustainable Furniture Scheme.

At BOF we understand that everything we do has an environmental and social impact. Our goal is to protect the environment through sustainable furniture design and supply.

Our Closing the Loop scheme aims to reduce your environmental footprint by providing services to repurpose your furniture.

On the Path to Carbon Neutral.

Our Main Initiatives

Closing the Loop Service can be Specifically tailored to re-purpose your furniture and to help you be more Sustainable. Email to enquire.

We are transparent about what we do, share our knowledge and are constantly looking for the optimal circular working methods with our clients, partners and suppliers.

Social Value

By working with BOF you help us enhance social and economic well-being, support entrepreneurs, generate growth and increase quality of life.


  • Giving back unwanted furniture to local charities and our communities - holding open days.
  • Local engagement and sustainable event support.
  • We are an ethically diverse company, 1000s employed in Wales combined with our partners.
  • We are fully engaged in delivering Social Value and are active members of several key sustainability forums including NETpositiveTM Futures and Supply Chain Sustainability School.
  • We focus on the lived experience of as many people as possible to ensure happier and healthier lives improving overall well-being.

Our aim is to manage Social responsibilities seriously, sustainably and in a socially responsible way.

Gifting Back Days

Alongside our nationwide general furniture donation scheme we also organise on client behalf Welsh based charity and good causes furniture donation Open Days whereby no longer required furniture is offered Free of Charge to these institutions by invitation to a ‘donation open day.’

We have run similar events over many years and have numerous charitable organisation and good causes thank you letters and testimonials for what are very much needed and greatly appreciated Free of Charge contributions.

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