Caerphilly County Borough Council Awards BOF a 3 Year, Agile Working Spaces Sole Supplier Contract

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Jessica Marshall

"My role as Sustainability & Communications Manager is pivotal in continuing to drive our sustainability initiatives – it is at the heart of our strategy. With more noise than ever in the Sustainable space, it is critical our reputation is recognised for the work we do."

Caerphilly County Borough Council Awards BOF a 3 Year, Agile Working Spaces Sole Supplier Contract

April 24, 2023

Following a rigorous process selection, we are delighted to officially announce that we have been awarded the contract for the supply of furniture solutions from the National Procurement Services (NPS) all Wales collaborative.

Framework: NPS - Provision of Furniture Solutions for Agile Working
Framework Ref: NPS-CFM-0092-18
Contract Ref: CCBC/PS2348/22/RJ

We have been successfully supplying Caerphilly County Borough Council for many years and over the years are proud to have designed and delivered numerous smart working spaces.

We know how important sustainability is to CCBC and this new contract will allow us to deliver our ambitious programme of green initiatives in collaboration with a leading Local Authority in the sustainability arena.

We plan to utilise our professional ‘Closing the Loop’ Sustainable Furniture Scheme to create agile environments with emphasis on reducing the Councils environmental footprint by providing innovative solutions to Rethink|Reuse|Refresh CCBC furniture. Joint ethos: ‘new furniture as a last resort’. Our re-used furniture items are refurbished to at least as good as, if not better than, new standard.

We are focused on channelling our resources into delivering long-lasting workspaces through sustainable design that also encompasses targeted cuts to carbon emissions whilst simultaneously delivering innovative furniture solutions that achieve value for money.

Over the next 3 years we look forward to continuing our collaboration to achieve our combined goals - sustainable product, excellent value, and efficient service. Together we will ensure the new sustainable and agile workspaces have adaptable, future proofed designs and inspire with our specialist expertise and knowledge.

“This announcement builds on our longstanding expertise and commitment to providing Sustainable Workspaces. We go above and beyond for our clients with an unrelenting focus on leaving a lasting positive legacy for employees and the surrounding community, we achieve this by working closely with our local partners whilst creating local economy growth.”

Simon Narbeth
Design and Projects Manager

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