Vale of Glamorgan Council - Cadoxton Primary School

Manufacturers: VS, SpaceOasis

For Cadoxton Primary School, flexibility was a must. Furniture was required that would accommodate their need to adapt the classrooms to their needs as and when they need to. Technology was also very important in their plans for the classrooms, with the use of computers and projection screens being an everyday occurrence.

Using products from industry leader’s VS, we ensured all furniture was easily moveable. Products are lightweight, on castors, and are easily re-configurable. This allows the classroom to transform from a traditional classroom space to an inspiring working environment with ease.

This project was a great chance to use one of our favourite products the Hokki stool; a product that encourages movement as opposed to restricting it. Creating a sense of fun that keeps students interested on the task at hand instead of focussing on lack of comfort.