University of Southampton - Mayflower Learning Centre

Architect: BTH Consulting

Contractor: Concept Building Services Ltd
Build Cost: Unknown
Manufacturers: Vitra, Orangebox,
Date: Sept 2015

Our first big project with University of Southampton under our new contract, we installed a new Learning Centre in the Mayflower Living Halls. Using products from Orangebox and Vitra, we helped to create a space that could be used by all of the students.

Using media booths and integrated technology, we aimed to create a space students could use to their own benefits. They are free to use the space to study, collaborate and work together or simply meet with their peers.

Using a mixture of soft seating and polypropylene chairs, we understand that comfort is key when working and studying over long periods of time. Tipton chairs are an ideal study chair as it has a forward-tilt action. Its name refers to the dual sitting positions provided by the chair – from a normal position, Tip Ton can be tilted forward a few degrees where the chair then stays in place. This provides the students with the freedom of movement when sat studying for as long as they need to.

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