University of Nottingham - Student Service Centres

Interior Design: CPMG Architects

Manufacturers: Vitra, James Burleigh, Naughtone, Frovi, Bla Station.

University of Nottingham Capital Projects Team recently delivered five new Student Service Centres, located in its UK Campuses. The Service Centres will deliver high quality services to students in an efficient and professional way. The brief was for all Student Centres to follow the same concept and design, providing a flexible and accessible space but moving away from the traditional front-desk model, with an identifiable landing point for students but where 'roaming staff' can assist students in a flexible manner.

We worked alongside CPMG Architects to create a high specification of furniture to meet the University’s budget. We worked closely to create a series of inspiring environments of the same design and aesthetic to create synergy across the Student Service Centres on various campus'.

The University is expanding the existing student service centres in the UK to a total of five; two on University Park campus, one on QMC, one on Jubilee Campus and one on Sutton Bonington Campus.

The student office at Royal Derby Hospital will also remain in place, along with one in City Hospital. Students will be able to use these service centres to complete a range of administrative processes, and will receive the same level of service at each location.

The new Service Centres have been welcomed by students and staff as flexible and convenient means of accessing a broad range of services. The students have particularly expressed their satisfaction on their interior features, providing very positive customer service levels observed by front of house staff. The design contributes to an open, informal, relaxed and friendly environment. The consistency of the design ensures the students would be comfortable visiting a Service Centre on another campus because it feels familiar.

To learn more about Project transform and how it benefit's the University's staff and students globally, click play on the video below!