University of Nottingham - RAD Building

The Research Acceleration and Demonstration (RAD) building is a brand new £7 million research facility being developed at the University of Nottingham, in conjunction with the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) initiative.

Located on the former Dairy Crest site on Jubilee Campus, the RAD building will be one of the most energy efficient research facilities in the UK as it will combine the rigorous sustainability standards of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) with the principles of the German Passivhaus system.

Passivhaus is based on the creation of a building with excellent insulation and a high level of airtightness, in which air quality is maintained via a whole building mechanical ventilation system.

The RAD Building is part of the University’s work with the Innovate UK funded Energy Research Accelerator initiative. It will help provide more space and facilities for pioneering research projects. The design includes laboratory space for the various research groups as well as office space for academics and postgraduate students and a central atrium with breakout spaces.

Our Capital Projects team have worked closely with the University's Estates team to develop research, collaboration and breakout environments throughout all four floors of this impressive new building.

We delivered a wide range of desking, storage and soft seating, primarily from our own 'Harmony Collection'. This ensured we were able to meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements of this state of the art research building.