Newport City Council - Information Station

Architect: Andrew Herrington, Newport City Council

Manufacturers: Vitra, Orangebox, Allermuir, Bisley

The Information Station is designed to serve Newport’s residents and is the public face of Newport City Council. The environment aims to provide a one-stop shop, where members of the public can talk to council staff about a range of issues, from planning permission to child protection and everything in between.

The conversion has resulted in the ground floor housing the customer facing area. On the first floor are meeting rooms, breakout areas and some traditional offices. The second, third and fourth floors all have hot desking for 240 staff. The entire building is designed to feel inviting, yet secure.

British Rail colours from the 1960’s inspire the colour scheme of the ‘Information Station’. The railway theme uses petrol blue, orange and ochre yellow. Furniture pieces were specified in colours to enhance and complement this ethos. Strong uplifting colours were also used to uplift the mood. The overall project is visually appealing and an intelligent design for the local community.

“As soon as I met bof’s Simon Narbeth, I knew bof had the professionalism to satisfy the vision. Simon gets the detail right; this would have been a lesser project without him”

Andrew Herrington, Newport City Council Architect.