Cardiff and Vale College - Canal Parade

Architect: BDP

Build Cost: £45m
Manufacturers: VS, bof

Cardiff and Vale College built Canal Parade as part of a much bigger plan, to develop world class learning facilities across Cardiff and the vale of Glamorgan. This 16,000m2 site is not only designed as a learning facility, but as a facility for the local individuals, employers and communities. In the heart of the city centre, the College aims to complement the existing community facilities, while providing the space and services they need. We were chosen to supply, deliver and install classroom furniture across the entire new campus.

Keeping flexibility in mind, many classrooms were designed to be easily re-arranged. By using tables with castors, we were able to provide students with the freedom to work in groups and collaborate, but also knuckle down and focus on single study when appropriate. The use of a room can be changed at the drop of a hat by simply re-arranging the furniture, increasing the potential for the communities use.

VS products use an air-cushion technology, not only making them more comfortable than your average plastic chair, but it supports movement in the seat to allow your min to stay focused on the task at hand and not your sitting position.