COVID-19 Workplace Services

With restrictions to on-site working lifting, staff, student and visitor safety will be of paramount concern, and will be key to ensuring a successful transition to the ‘new normal’ and a prosperous future moving forward.

Below we detail how we are able to assist you and your business or institution, make an efficient and safe transition back to your premises. If you would like to find more information on how we can assist you in your safe return to the workplace, request your copy of our social distancing guide from or give us a call on 01656 661061.

We are able to offer COVID compliant space management; essentially taking existing plans and furniture layouts and designing social distancing rules into the day to day occupancy and operational requirements across the workplace.

This service involves ensuring all rooms or spaces, desk / bench set-ups, communal areas (e.g. kitchen areas, print stations, lavatories etc.), access points, fire escapes etc. have clear on plan demarcation which once approved translates into physical manifestation within the spaces.

Following the completion of the planning planning process, we are able to identify the signage requirements of your space and advise on a custom signage specification. Ensuring that all of the most current safety guidelines are adheared to.

We will provide on plan signage recommendations that include:

  • Desk allocation
  • Room occupancy numbers
  • Floor spacing guides
  • Sanitiser point notices
  • General safety warnings & reminders.

Signage packages are available on request.

Where a 2m distance cannot be achieved around a seating position, or in instances where seating positions are next to or across from one another, protective screen dividers will be recommended. We are holding stock of easy to install desk and reception counter protective screens on a short lead time.

If your space requires a bespoke solution to provide the desired level of safety for staff or students we are more than equipped to help. BOF account managers are available to visit your space to conduct a full survey and discuss your requirements, offering advise on the screen ranges required and how they should be secured.

You will find our in stock screen selection in the products section of, and if you you would like to discuss a more bespoke soltion please contact our sales team at

It has become clear all over the world that maintaining the correct levels of hygiene is key to preventing the spread of the virus. Therefore an essential aspect of equipping a space for the return of staff or students is providing regular sanitising points throughout a space.

We now hold stock of high quality sanitising stations at a range of price points. If you would like to know more about the available sanitising products, contact our sales team at