Contract Management

Contract Management at bof is an holistic function whereby the contract team collaborates closely with other bof departments and personnel as well as outside agencies and individuals to generate as complete a picture as possible of the frameworks and contracts landscape. Our work starts well in advance of a tender being issued where we are tasked with researching the opportunities available within our current incumbency frameworks and contracts (SUPC, LUPC, HEPCW, NPS etc.) as well as wider market opportunities such as published via OJEU (The Official Journal of the European Union) and more localised tender/opportunity advisory sites e.g. Sell2Wales and Glenigan’s.

An integral aspect of the department role is to ensure all our registrations are up to date and the company information uploaded into various electronic tendering sites is current, accurate and legislatively compliant e.g. environmental, quality and health and safety certifications and accreditations. We closely monitor client specific and generic electronic tender notification sites for opportunity notices and maintain a detailed prospects database where key information is logged and easily accessible. This helps us to make fully informed decisions as to the viability of a given tender opportunity and whether we should participate.

We identify tender opportunities, download and logically file documentation, scan documents for key points and inform bof Projects Group of new opportunities with a synopsis of content via a key points report.

The decision as to whether we make a submission is taken collectively via our internal Projects Group forum – a highly experienced, multi-disciplined team of bof experts that reviews and assesses each opportunity.

Viable tenders are managed, collated and drafted within the department and on completion submitted to deadline through the various advised mechanisms (client portal, direct email etc.). We then monitor the official communication channels for further updates and award notifications.

When a contract or framework is won we liaise closely with client stakeholder groups to initiate the contract – this will generally begin with an implementation or mobilisation meeting followed by numerous technical meetings and/or communications to put the operating structure in place and to establish reporting procedures; Management Information (MI), Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Service Level Agreements (SLA) etc.