Monmouthshire County Council - Dewstow Primary School

Architect: White Design

Working alongside White Design Architects, we helped to create a new learning environment for Monmouthshire County Council. The council wanted to create open learning plaza, keeping the space flexible and full of technology to create a learning environment that would enrich their pupil’s experience of the primary curriculum.

To create the new open plan plaza, we specified and supplied contemporary and inspirational educational furniture from leading manufacturers like VS. The space needed to be flexible and inspiring, students and teachers needed the option to change the working environment to suit their needs at any time; this meant that product needed to be reconfigurable but also consider the integration of technology.

When specifying the furniture, we aimed to keep the space as flexible as possible so students and teachers could change to use of a space to suit their needs at any given time. Technology is becoming more and more important in education, and Monmouthshire County Council knew this would be something they wanted integrated throughout the project. Were possible we used products that would work well with technology and allow easy access to power.

Colour, fabric and texture were also an important factor in the completion of this project; the result being an environment that evoked a sense of comfort through its tactile nature but also to remain an inspiring space.