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"How to make your working routine healther" by SB Seating

Thursday, 9 March, 2017

Since the start of the year, several alarming reports on the state of health in the UK have come to light, most notably the recent report from The Health Survey for England, which shows that over 15 million Brits are living with long term health issues.

“The demands of modern day living are taking their toll on the heath of the nation” said Professor Sir Muir Gray, clinical adviser to Public Health England, the government organisation responsible for the survey, continuing "Busy lives and desk jobs make it difficult to live healthily. And it’s those in middle age that are suffering the consequences most, as their health reaches worrying levels.” The crux of the argument is that modern day lifestyles leave little to no time for people to worry about their own personal health, and that we ignore the tell-tale signs until it is too late.

As we transition through our lives, we adopt unhealthy habits, and put less stress on our bodies. The report shows that 83% of people aged 40-60 are overweight, drinking too much or not taking enough exercise. For many this is a result of a gradual decline in activity, but it’s never too late to change. Whatever your age, adopting healthy practices is key to ensuring better life quality.

Making changes to your daily working routine can have a significant impact on your health, and help you to not become one of the gloomy statistics we see today. So what CAN you do to your working routine for a healthier lifestyle?


Change your working environment

As highlighted in our recent blog on workplace design trends – a healthier outlook on office design is widely becoming seen as a necessity in combatting unhealthy lifestyles.

A growing body of research is showing that our office environments are massively detrimental to our wellbeing, and we need to rethink our approach to working environments to bring about a positive change. The aim is to provide a working atmosphere which discourages sedentary behaviour and rewards movement and fluidity.

This includes a variety of things, such as sit-stand desks, more versatile office design to encourage movement, and active seating which encourages subconscious body movement (Like the Capisco range shown below). It's about adding movement wherever possible.



Slip in your exercise around work

For some people, finding the right time to fit in a gym class can be a struggle. Long working hours, a stressful commute and then possibly hectic family commitments mean that by the time your chore list is complete, there’s only time for a bite to eat before hitting the hay. Evaluating your commute to work can be one way to find time for exercise.

If your commute is quite long, you could look at jumping off the train a stop or two before your final destination and exercise from there. Even a brisk walk is beneficial, if running or cycling isn’t appealing to you. It could also save you a few pennies on reduced transport fees.

Adding exercise to your routine could also have a positive effect on your day, with activity shown to increase focus, improve memory and make you feel happier.

A lot of offices are equipped with shower facilities too, enabling you to freshen up upon arrival. If not, a change of clothes and a quick wipe will make you work ready. Still not convinced? Stick to using your journey home as your exercise commute.


Add activity to your working day.

If the previous is not an option for you, then you could consider adding exercise into your working day, utilizing your office environment to add movement to your daily routine. Total Jobs have a great selection of ‘deskercises’ here, which you can add to any part of your day.

This and more found over on Total Jobs excellent blog on workplace exercises.
You can also do these as a group, making it a daily event for everyone in the office, to avoid embarrassment and to ensure keeping it up after the initial novelty period has worn off.


Things to Avoid!

Cake Overdose
We all love cakes. Whilst undoubtedly joyous, an overly cake freindly culture can be damaging to your health, as recently highlighted by The Faculty of Dental Surgery. Make sure everyday isn’t cakeday in your workplace.

Camping out all day
Make sure you keep active during the day. Try to get up out of your chair at least once every hour. Go make that cup of tea. Walk over to your colleague’s desk instead of emailing them. Do some deskercises! When it comes to lunchtime, try not to eat it at your desk. Get some fresh air, and importantly get moving.

Whatever it is, make sure that by the time the bell strikes home time, you haven’t been sat in your chair since you arrived in the morning.

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