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5 Workplace Design Trends for 2017

Thursday, 19 January, 2017

In 2016, Agile, collaborative and convivial working were the buzz words at the tip of everybody’s tongues with a big focus on staff well-being and comfort. These new ways of working are already being successfully integrated into the modern workplace. However, we believe that some of the main 2017 workplace design trends will refine these ideas further; whether it be through aesthetic, design or form and function. After visiting three of the most established furniture exhibitions of 2016 (Orgatec, 100% Design and Clerkenwell Design week) we noticed how new products had been designed to push the boundaries in these new ways of working even further. These events gave us the perfect indication on what the 2017 workplace should, and will look like. So, here we go; In our opinion here are five of the main workplace trends to keep an eye out for this year.

1) At home, in work.

In 2017, expect to see the workplace to include more and more furniture that would fit just as well in your home as in your work space. These domestic inspired products create relaxing, comfortable places to break away from your desk; and with the provision of ample power and data, even become informal work and meeting spaces!


"Always Lounge" by Naughtone


"Lounge Chair & Ottomann" by Vitra


"Can" by Hay

2) Bringing the outdoors in.

“Biophilia” describes the inherent bond between man and nature. Fresh air, natural light and generally being immersed in nature have all been proven to improve happiness and well being. So why should this end at the front door to your workplace?

Within the furniture and interiors industry we’ve noticed a big shift towards bringing outdoors into the office. And the best thing? This can be achieved very easily through the use of feature walls, plants and raw natural materials indicating a nod to mother nature.


"Symphony Wood" by BOF


"Block Steel" by Frovi


"On Point" by Offecct


"Hack" by Vitra

3) “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple”

While scrolling through LinkedIn I found the above quote from Bill Gates, and it really stuck with me. A workplace’s number one should be it’s staff, not customers. Ergonomics can have a massive influence on health, happiness and general well-being and we’re now seeing a large shift towards ensuring people are made as comfortable as possible each day. One of the big trends we started to see last year, and well definitely see move to the forefront of workplace design this year is “Sit-to-Stand” working. We’ve already produced an article on sit-to-stand working which you can read in more detail here.


"E-Bench" by BOF




"Capisco" by HAG

4) Shhhhhhhhhh!

As open plan, collaborative working environments are becoming the norm; the need for easily accessible quiet spaces has become more and more vital. The benefits of open plan working have been long communicated. But still, when you’re taking a very important call, you don’t really want to hear about what Kelly in admin had for dinner last night, do you? At last years events and exhibitions we saw lots of brand new takes on office pods and rooms, semi enclosed touch down spaces and agile acoustic solutions.


"Q" by Framery


"Rooms" by Connection


"Fabricks" by Ocee Design

5) Always on.

In 2016 we saw more and more furniture ranges being supplied with integrated power solutions. As agile working becomes more prominent throughout the workspace, expect to be provided with what ever power you need, wherever you are! From soft seating in breakout spaces, to charging facilities in dining areas; the office is always on.


"Osprey" by James Burleigh


"Myriad" by Komac


"Away from the Desk" by Orangebox

So, there we have it. Our five 2017 workplace trends to keep an eye out for this year. Agree? Disagree? Something we’ve missed? Let us know, we’d love to chat!

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