Biophilic Design… Bring Nature Home

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Lucy Davies

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Biophilic Design… Bring Nature Home

April 15, 2020

Biophilia – meaning a love of nature – explains our innate attraction to the natural world and recognises its ability to act as a force for good, improving our physical and mental wellbeing and putting us in a more relaxed, open and optimistic state of mind.

Now that we are spending more time indoors than ever it is important that our interior spaces are designed to make us feel better. Wellbeing describes a state of contentment and good health – when designed well, these spaces have the power to nurture, inspire and help us flourish. Our homes, in particular, allow us to retreat from the world, slow down and recuperate in our own private sanctuary.

With a large percentage of the population now working from home due to the Corona Virus crisis we have been exploring how you could introduce biophilic design into your home and workspace. This could help improve both your productivity and mental wellbeing.

Biophilic Design involves making the most of the sensory elements of nature, such as the feel of fresh air and the sound of water. It’s also about introducing natural materials, colours, textures, patterns and even technologies that evoke a feeling of nature, and remembering that our homes need to have spaces that energise, stimulate and connect us with each other, while being calming, relaxing and restorative. (House Beautiful Magazine)

There are many benefits to be gained from the inclusion of plants in your home office including:

  • Plants improve productivity and concentration
  • Promote creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • Wellbeing
  • Improve air quality
  • Aesthetic decoration
  • Nature makes you feel happy

Here are five easy ways to bring biophilic design into your home…

1. Make the most of available natural light by keeping your windows clear, clean and unobstructed by blinds and curtains.

2. Add greenery in pots, trailing plants hanging from the ceiling and a herb garden on the kitchen windowsill.

3. Include natural colours and patterns – those that remind you of positive experiences you may have had in nature. Blues will be calming, greens invigorating, and yellows warming and social.

4. Use natural wood grains to add texture on furniture, flooring or wall panels.

5. Make the most of sensory spaces such as bathrooms, with textural contrasts. For example with fluffy towels against cool tiles, plus gentle lighting and calming scents.

Content credit: Oliver Heath and House Beautiful Magazine