Launching... Colony by Frovi

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Lucy Davies

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Launching... Colony by Frovi

February 19, 2020

A bold step forward in workspace design, challenging the everyday thinking of working practices, and open plan environments that we have all become accustomed with.

'Colony' from Frovi is a modular octagonal pod, that can be configured into many different designs, creating a space within a space, each with their own atmosphere and community feeling.

This pioneering piece is unlike any of our other designs, it is not just a product, it’s a vessel for other products both old and new to feature. With Colony, a truly unique inspirational space can be created.

Frövi is a British brand. Inspired by the distinctiveness of Scandinavian design, they had a vision to fuse this design style with Britain’s renowned craftsmanship. This blend remains at the heart of the Frövi brand today.

Frövi designs and manufactures innovative furniture for social spaces, crafted to meet the growing demand for a new approach to communal areas within the workplace.

Frövi furniture is produced using a variety of materials and techniques, both traditional and innovative, to produce the distinctive Frövi style and quality. The designs boast creative use of colour and the finest of contemporary style.

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