Exploring 2020 Workplace Design Trends

Written by

Trudi Lloyd-Jones

“My role involves creating inspiring space plans in Revit or CAD ensuring the brief is met whilst adhering to the latest best practice guidelines. I enjoy developing schemes, presenting mood boards and seeing projects evolve from the initial design brief to completed installations."

Exploring 2020 Workplace Design Trends

January 15, 2020

Every January we look back at the changes in workplace design and identify trends we think will continue to grow over the coming year. Here is an insight into a few popular design trends for 2020...

Coffee Culture

You’ve just got to the office; you’ve set up your workspace and what’s your next priority? Coffee.

The Café Culture has risen over recent years, and the growth is expected to continue. It has become a vital part of our social lives, with many people choosing to meet with friends, relax and work over a hot drink in a café. This aspect of our social life is extending into our workplace, with offices trying to recreate the experience.

Think informal and comfort when creating these spaces. A mix of lounge seating, high counters with stools, where Wi-Fi can be accessed and laptops can be recharged. This breakout zone will become the social hub of the office, and promote a relaxed approach to working.

Office Dogs

Having a ruff day? It has been proven that canine colleagues can improve staff wellbeing and productivity.

The popularity of ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ has woken up the nation to the benefits of bringing your dog to the office. Not only does a four-legged friend reduce employee stress levels and encourage people to go outside, it also has brand image benefits. It can highlight a forward-thinking company culture, that would appeal to clients, visitors and future employees.

Reinventing the Boardroom

Companies are experimenting with new ways of collaborating, which will see a change in the traditional boardroom. With results showing that employees are most productive whilst standing, there’s reason why stand-up meetings are becoming more popular. This informal but more collaborative way of meeting, diminishes the need for a dedicated largescale boardroom.

The need for Huddle Rooms are on the rise. These smaller settings prioritise relaxed soft seating over the traditional meeting table with chairs, and are enhanced by workplace technology.

Multipurpose spaces will become more valuable within a workplace, area’s that can act as a boardroom when required but are much more flexible for everyday work requirements.

Eco-conscious Fabrics

Globally, we are becoming more conscious of the negative impact we have on the planet. This decade is set to see a rise on rethinking the effects; not only of our individual actions but as a collective too.

Architects and Designers continue to become more eco-conscious, extending their consideration down to the details of loose furnishings. The Textile Industry has recently gone under scrutiny as one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions. As the demand increases for sustainable fabrics, major textile brands are stepping up to embrace the reduce, reuse, recycle moto.

Camira have launched a new collection, Yoredale. Locally produced, responsibly manufactured and woven from British wool, this textile both honours and protects the environment from which it came from.

Crafted using 45% recycled wool, Re-wool by Kvadrat was designed with a sustainable profile. This new textile is partly made by reusing leftover material from Kvadrat’s own production.