New product launches at CDW2019

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Lucy Davies

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New product launches at CDW2019

May 31, 2019


In addition to the impressive and innovative 'Colony' concept piece which certainly stole the show at the Frovi showroom this year Frovi also launched a number of other products at their VIP event during CDW2019 including...

'Home' Designed with a residential feel but still holding on to the functionality needed for any workplace.

'Scandi' is Frovi's first fully wooden chair designed to be a light, simple and stylish addition to any workspace.

'Osti' has been designed as a stylish outdoor range suited best in natural colours like Khaki or Sand. Osti is designed for any outdoor terrace area, outdoor social spaces for workplace or hospitality.

'Veck' offers a unique punched triangular pattern detail, the Veck Stool is a steel tubular framed outdoor stool, with indoor style.


'Acorn' combines the timeless qualities of plywood and tubular steel with a soft-touch injection-moulded back support, which gives Acorn a level of comfort you wouldn’t expect.

'Being' is a range of task chairs focused on ergonomic excellence, but without a host of overly conspicuous controls. Their simplicity functionality allows them to effortlessly blend into the contemporary workplace.

The 'Coze' family offers a fresh take on key archetypes for a wide variety of office and hospitality settings. Coze’s fluid curves make for a relaxed contemporary chair.

'Lapwing' is an elegant laptop or occasional table for workplace or hospitality environments.

'Coppice' is a stand-alone, single occupancy workbooth that provides a high level of acoustic comfort, increasing the productivity of those doing focused work tasks.


'Cicero' the new “Collaborative Chair” from Edge Design, is the evolutionary response to the co-working and agility based trend we now find within the modern working environment.

'Open' is a flexible and very practical modular seating system with subtle 90° or 60° curves allowing Edge Design to offer an alternative to the rectilinear solution giving designers more interesting shapes to work with and an ability to create dynamic meeting, touchdown working and concentration spaces.

'Polka' is a flexible and fun modular seating range with soft curves and gentle waterfall seat edges. It's low wide stance and irregular shapes provide a striking alternative for sitting, relaxing and touchdown working.

Ideal for reception, atrium, break-out areas, schools, colleges and universities, Polka gives designers an exciting palette of soft shapes and striking colours.

Boss Design

'DNA' Taking engineered upholstery to a whole new level, this latest addition represents the most accomplished upholstery to date in the Boss Design.

'Nevez' An elegant piece of British craftsmanship, this wooden bench combines traditional frame builds with cut foam applications to explore intricate detailing on the timber, underframe and seat pad.

'Saint' Its carefully contoured monoshell seat sits on a variety of base options, available in the Colours By Boss pallet, which distinguishes from other chairs in the portfolio. Saint TM was previewed at this year’s CDW with an official launch to follow in the summer.

'Hemm' = Home A modular family with distinct profiles. Where individual meets integrated. Where choice meets configuration. Designed for you, hemm is where work feels like home.


'Folk' is a mercurial, but modest family of chair, stool and table designed for Allermuir by PearsonLloyd. Its earthy implicity just feels right, like it’s a design that’s always been around.

A range of wood, plastic and metal finishes, different colours and upholstery options allow you to change Folk’s flavour so that it can appear like a range of different chairs that somehow sit together harmoniously in one space.

'Kin' is a family of elegantly strong mono-shell seating designed for Allermuir by PearsonLloyd. The range comprises a tub chair, an arm chair, a side chair and stool, but with myriad base, colour and plastic or upholstery options, the family
extends to multiple interlinked possibilities that will always bear a likeness to one other.


'Set Me' With the occupant at the heart of the manufacture and design, SetMe is height adjustable and has connectivity built-in. Its elegant design and fluid mechanism make the desking system simple to use, thanks to the 200 moving parts hidden in the robust frame which allows for the top to glide smoothly to the preferred position.

'Lyft' With its lightweight construction, rounded base and curved seat, the Lyft provides support and comfort with motion and mobility whether you want to sit for an extended period of time or just “perch.”

'Array' Whether you’re conferencing or training, Array is adapted so you can think, learn and work with ease. Array is a multi-purpose, multi-use desking solution that can be used as a traditional, vertical work or meeting space, or can be used as a presentation or collaboration tool.


'Lasso' lends itself well for being used in clusters working particularly well in educational environments or public spaces. Individual power and data units can be easily incorporated into Lasso's triple stool allowing collaboration or private working.

'Hue’s face to face, two-person arrangement makes perfect use of awkward and narrow spaces in places such as corridors. These spaces are often found outside of meeting rooms. As an ideal retreat for team and project spaces, Hue can be positioned around the edges of a space, or when utilising the high screen.

Davison Highley

'Eevie' Inspired by global trends in hospitality design Eevie introduces boutique hotel chicinto the workplace. Compact yet comfortable, the Eevie collection includes a sofa, armchair and coffee table perfect for breakout or reception areas.

'Chime' The soft, organic forms of the generously sized sofa elements are designed to be placed in clusters to form intimate and luxurious collectives for reception and breakout areas making it possible to create extensive seating arrangements with enticing gaps and viewpoints.

'Bertie' Designed as a movable stool on low nylon glides, and weighing in at a mere 5 kg (11 Ib), Bertie can be pulled easily from place to place by its leather handle.

'Boulevard' Presented in the newly refurbished Davison Highley showroom is the proven classic, Boulevard. Already a popular choice with workplace designers, the modular booth seating has now been further enhanced with improvements to the internal structure to create a more comfortable experience for users.