2019 Design Trends

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2019 Design Trends

January 3, 2019

The modern-day workplace has undergone huge change over the past decade. Each year, new trends emerge while some have been around a while but aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Gone are the days of spending 9 - 5 at a desk, surrounded by office clutter. These are the trends we expect to follow into 2019 and beyond.

Flexible and dynamic spaces

This isn’t a new concept, but it’s definitely not a trend that’s on its way out anytime soon. Each employee is different, has a different style of working and a dynamic office design where employees can work in a place that suits them is key to getting the best out of them. There are many different requirements from a workplace, each individual to the company in question. Whether it’s focussed study, collaborative group sessions or formal meetings, each requires space away from the traditional desk. Meeting spaces no longer need to be encased in glass panels, booths and pods give you a full meeting space solution with the flexibility to move them around to suit the needs of an expanding office.

Technology Integration

There is no doubt that technology has totally transformed the way we operate at work. Integrating technology into your
office can happen in so many different ways and when done well, can be seamless. When specifying furniture, it’s important to think about how that piece of furniture is going to be used. Adding wireless charging points, screens for presentations and any other technological add-ons has never been simpler.

Privacy-friendly workstations

Despite the trend for open plan offices, it’s still really important to have some private spaces for employees to be able to focus without distraction. When breaking up an open plan space, semi-enclosed booths located away from traditional desking can be perfect for minimising distractions, without the user feeling totally cut off. Having a range of set ups, such as quiet closed off pods for focussed tasks and more relaxed set ups such as sofas with laptop tables in addition to the traditional desks can help to increase employee productivity.


Along with an open plan space comes the issue of noise. No one wants to work in a loud office, distracted by their work
neighbours, so having some acoustic solutions built into the space is key. Whether it’s ceiling hanging solutions or a simple desk mounted screen, we’re seeing more creative and innovative acoustic solutions hitting the market, and will be specifying them in projects throughout 2019.

Branding the workplace

Every company has a story to tell, and we’re seeing consumers wanting to know the origin of the companies they’re
dealing with more so than ever before. Your office interior can express your company’s humble beginnings or core
principles – be that through the fabrics and finishes used, colours and imagery. This year we have seen an increased
demand for matching interior colour schemes to company branding.

Comfort with Durability

The trend for ‘resimercial’, home inspired products is here to stay for the foreseeable future, but making these products durable enough for the usage in a busy workspace requires commercial grade fabrics and finishes. Keeping that balance between comfort and functionality ensures that staff have a nice place to relax and feel at home but one that won’t show signs of wear.


You may be fed up of hearing the word biophilia by now as it’s been the industry buzz word for the past couple of years now, but we can’t ignore it as the concept is still very much on the rise. Biophilic Design is the idea that incorporating elements of nature in your space can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

Incorporating the concept goes beyond just adding a few plants here and there, it’s about considering the lighting in the space, using natural materials, choosing the furniture that reflects nature and putting thought into the way they are laid out. Adding plants of course is a simple way to transform a space. Incorporating them into the furniture can make it look thought out and considered, and the market reacting with a selection of products that do just that. Frovi have recently launched the Relic Cloud, an addition to the Relic table collection. The ability to accessories the framework with light, power and plants makes it a perfect solution if you’re wanting to create a creative, collaborative work area.

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