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100% Design Review

Friday, 5 October, 2018

Our Design Team were lucky enough to visit this year's 100% Design Exhibition at Olympia, London. This exciting opportunity allowed the team to discover new suppliers, up-and-coming products and gain an insight into new interior design trends. After visiting the inspiring trade show, this is what we came away with...


Interior Design Trends

Biophilic Design

The evolving idea of ‘Bringing the Outside In’ was very evident at this year 100% Design. Also known as Biophilic Design, this involves introducing elements of nature into your environment to encourage a better sense of wellbeing. Most stands achieved this look with the use of real or artificial plants, however it can also be incorporated through colour, texture and patterns that reflect the natural environments.


Resimercial Design

Where domestic design meets with the work environment. In addition to the trend that has been gaining in popularity over the past year or two, at the exhibition this year, the differences between Residential and Commercial Interior Design were becoming more and more blurred - the attempt to merge these aesthetics and principles created comfortable work environments that had a ‘homely feel’.


Materials and Finishes

A range of different woods, concrete and metal work featured heavily throughout the exhibition. Plywood and more sustainable wood options such as bamboo are making their debut right now. With more and more attention being put on sustainable materials, could the use of plywood and bamboo help make our interior choices better for the environment?


Colour Trends

As we've seen for a number of years now, a more neutral colour palette is consistently favoured with bold colours supplementing this in the form of statement pieces and accessories. As natural materials are so popular right now and so much inspiration being taken from nature, it's to be expected that earthy and natural colours made up the colour palettes for exhibitors all throughout the show.


Showroom Inspiration

The exhibition was well timed for us as we're currently redesigning our own showroom. We're adding several new product launches from our manufacturers and new products that meet the requirements for our ever growing client base - creating an opportunity for them to see and try products before ordering. Our showroom based in Bridgend is very large open space, it has been challenging to maximise the space and show off each product as best we can. 100% Design inspired us to think differently when creating scenarios and showing off groups of products together. As ever, plants and accessories can transform a space and when done in the right way, they can really enhance the products.


We had a great day in London and look forward to next year! If you would like further information on any of the products and showrooms we visited at 100% Design please contact