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Orgatec 2016 Live Blog - Day 2

Thursday, 27 October, 2016

Let day 2 of updates commence. First stop is back at Hall 9 and a quick stop at Offect's stand. Yesterday we saw an abundance of architectural acoustic screens and it seems today will be very similar although "Membrane" definitely caught my eye!


Partnered with Wini, Connection have quite a large offering with definite nods to the "Nature" trend which is very apparent around the halls!


Next stop, Inclass! Easily my favourite stand so far today. Clean lines, soft edges and muted colours work together perfectly. The prime example being the "Unnia" chair by Simon Pengeli. Beautiful!


Update 2 -

Pedrali's stand was very interesting. Showcasing a wide selection of their product in a unique, welcoming way.


Just on from Pedrali was Actui's stand. Some very inspiring desking ranges definitely caught my eye. Also the overall theme and branding.


We're just heading in to Vitra's at work hall. I'll post an update in this soon...


Update 3 - Vitra at work.

Just sitting down to have some lunch, let's see how much from "At work" I can type up. At work pretty much takes up an entire hall and is split into 3 areas showcasing different styles of working. Nomad, Garage and flexible.

The first new product on display is "CDS" (Citterio Design System) an intuitive sit stand solution with a highly intuitive screen which moves with the worktop. This new product is available in a wide range of forms to suit most working styles. Also, check out these folding frames; with electrics pre installed I'm sure these would make our installation team happy.


Next we moved on to Kado and Qudo, Vitras new storage solution which is highly flexible and creates additional spaces within a room whereas the Qubo pod system provides modular enclosed spaces.


Next was a really unique area going completely against the grain. A completely powerless area! This is currently a concept product called CYL. There's been patterns of similar themes throughout the two days here but this is truly individual.


Next we move into the "Garage" working area. Ceiling rail systems with attached curtains are used as an alternative to traditional walls. This gives a very intriguing aesthetic which I feel some may love, and some may hate. But hey, you can't please everybody! The new Hack product is on display here, raw OSB board is used to create a foldaway, height adjustable system which is highly flexible. I love the raw, industrial look of this product. Integrated power? Nope. Power is supplied from the same ceiling rails as the curtains. Cool!


The stool tool. There's not much I can say about this. Just a nice little fun idea.


This updated version of workit also stood out. This raw/industrial style is becoming more and more apparent throughout Orgatec this year.


Update 4 -

On our way to hall 8 this caught my eye! A group of design students collaborating to create concepts on the utopian office. Great design and overall concept. Definitely one of the more memorable stops of the exhibition.


SBseatings large open space was very impressive. A whole host of product from all the SBseating brands was on display. And as you'd expect, lots of muted colours, clean lines and raw material. Awesome!


It's that time of the day where my legs start aching. So I'm taking a quick time out at the Senator group stand. The new Mote product is highly impressive and these fun yet functional screening system is one of the better acoustic solutions I've seen!


Update 5 -

Spent a lot of time browsing the NowyStyl group's many stands. There's literally everything on show so plenty to see here!


We've just met with Heather from Wiesner Hager to run through their newest offerings. Etio desking and the Cage storage combined both function and compliment each other perfectly. Two really great products!